Studio Altitude Launches

Posted Tuesday 01st, February 2022

Studio Altitude happens.

What happens when two marketing companies with the same drive, ambitions, ethos and backgrounds collide? 

Studio Altitude happens.

Laura and Tom are proud to announce the merger of Studio Attico and Altitude Marketing to create Studio Altitude. A digital marketing company that is fully focused on guaranteeing results for their clients. Built on our shared values, our clients, and the planet at the forefront of everything we do. 

Our mission is simple – to be the best marketing company in the East Midlands that actually generates results whilst creating a carbon neutral environment. 

Utilising the latest digital and traditional marketing methods Studio Altitudes drives growth for their clients whilst being a completely sustainable business. 

We have combined over 30 years design and marketing experience, creating intuitive ways to capture the attention of your ideal client and to share your story the way you intended. From designing and building lead generating websites to management of your paid ad spend, we have strategies that suit all budgets. 

Our home is in the heart of Loughborough above The Printers on Baxter Gate, where we look forward to welcoming our clients and partners into newly refurbished offices that have been designed to inspire and generate bright ideas. Studio Altitude’s team is comprised on values and hand picked to bring together an incredible pleather of talent including graphic designers, social media experts, web developers and marketing managers, who are at your disposal to integrate seamlessly with your business.

Statement from Laura & Tom.

We made the decision in October 2021 that we would merge the two companies to create a full service marketing agency. After months of hard work behind the scenes it has finally paid off and we are so excited to launch and share our vision with everyone.
We are so passionate about what we do and combining this with our sustainability values will see a company emerge like no other marketing agency in the UK.
We are all about generating results for our clients and so much so that we will be beating down your door to share with you the latest data set each meeting and discuss with you the next layer to your strategy. 

We would like to thank everyone for the support that have shown us over the past few months. We are looking forward to sharing our journey with you, so you can look forward to vlogs, podcasts and lost of great content from the team. Also watch this space for our launch event coming soon.

Best wishes

Laura and Tom 



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