Busting The Bullsh*t

Posted Tuesday 03rd, May 2022

Are you fed up with marketing jargon? Yep, we are too.

Written by Adam Baskill.

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Engagement? Bounce Rate? Dwell Time? Sounds like a decent Friday night doesn’t it?

The world of digital marketing continues to grow and expand, as does the list of jargon that accompanies it. If you’re anything like us, you’d rather wipe with sandpaper than hear another marketing assistant ask you to share your company’s latest post about Deborah’s nephew’s twice removed brother’s first day at nursery in an attempt to improve engagement levels, reach and follower count.

Language is important, likewise, as is understanding the never-ending list of marketing jargon. Whilst acknowledging the need to remain professional and adopt best practices in terms of language and communication, it’s vital that we, as marketers, can adapt our terminology for our clients where necessary.

That’s not to say we need to patronise. As expert communicators, we must maintain a high level of clarity. Sometimes that means we must bust through the bullsh*t you’ll often see on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and other digital platforms.

Here are our top 10 overused/frustrating phrases:

Bounce Rate

Nope, this isn’t a rating for the quality of your bedroom prowess. It’s the average rate of users that land on your website and leave without looking at any other pages. Not as sexy as it sounds is it?


This is a metric that considers many variable factors and can be calculated differently on each platform. Generally speaking, it refers to how engaging your content is. The higher the percentage of engagement, the better your content is performing with your audience.


We hear the term impressions a lot, it’s a metric that measures the number of times your content is displayed clicked or not. The higher your impression rate is, the more relevant your content is to your audience.


No, it doesn’t mean that. Get your mind out of the gutter. Stickiness refers to the amount of time a user spends on a site over a given period of time.

Call to Action

This is usually something that’s found within a marketing message that prompts the user to do something, be it click a link or sign up etc.


This is actually a thing. Have you ever encountered a website that doesn’t seem to let you click back on your browser? That’s called mousetrapping. Annoying isn’t it?

Return on Investment (ROI)

The ratio of profits (or losses) against the amount invested.

Keyword Stuffing

This is the overuse of keywords in copy. Do you like keywords? Keywords are exceptionally effective when used well, relevant keywords can boost your SEO but too many keywords can harm it. Keywords. I love the word keywords. Keywords, keywords, keywords.


Not necessarily jargon, but there’s a common misconception that as marketers, all we do is spend countless hours on social media. That’s not true, sometimes we watch Netflix too!


Not something you use with an empty water bottle when you’re on the edge of having a severe trouser accident on a long car journey. A funnel is a marketing model that shows the journey of potential customers from awareness to purchase.

We could go on, the list of marketing jargon is almost endless. Have we missed anything? Head to our socials and let us know!

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